JMAC and GCC: Further Thoughts and an Apology

Because I publicly shared my opinion about how Grace Community Church decided to gather on July 26th, I need to share a couple of follow-up thoughts. First, there is a colossal difference between carelessly disregarding recommended or mandated safety measures and developing a firm conviction in a clear conscience before God that gathering without adhering … Continue reading JMAC and GCC: Further Thoughts and an Apology

Might It Be Better To Suffer?

It’s right to ask God for relief from sickness, financial problems, loneliness, depression, and every other shape and shade of pain. We see people doing this throughout the Bible. Sometimes God grants relief (2 Corinthians 1:10), sometimes he doesn’t (2 Corinthians 12:9). But he never criticizes anyone for asking. I’d even argue that he’s pleased … Continue reading Might It Be Better To Suffer?

A Gospel For Failures

Last Friday the Washington Post ran an article entitled, “The ex-gay Christianity movement is making a quiet comeback. The effects on LGBTQ youth could be devastating.” A family member texted my fiancée and me to warn us that the article mentioned us—an already-stressed couple eight days out from our wedding.  “Several lesser-known leaders are ostensibly … Continue reading A Gospel For Failures

Grace in Unexpected Places

People sometimes applaud my bravery in being transparent about some sensitive dimensions of my life. But in all honesty, sharing about things like my experience of same-sex attraction hasn’t been too scary. I was riddled with nerves the first time I posted about it back in 2011, a mere six months after becoming a Christian. … Continue reading Grace in Unexpected Places